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Dear friends,


When you will see on your packaging the "Poppy" signature well this will be the nickname of your creator.

"Poppy" is the one who hides in her mystical workshop to carefully concoct her most beautiful creations. Each model is made with care for many hours.

All his creations are made by his hands, from the magic wand to the box that will receive it, as well as the jewelry, accessories, decorative objects and all-wood paintings from the second universe and new branch of Dawn Wand named

"Autumn legends"

Each model is unique and your designer is keen on it,

because for her, each person in this world deserves to have the accessory representing the singularity of his personality.
However, it is possible, at the request of our magical community,

that some people request the same creation again because its originality is so pleasant.
It is therefore often the case that this cannot be done because

certain jewelry adorning certain creations are rare models.
Otherwise, if possible, be aware that the creation reproduced

will not be exactly similar to the one you will have seen initially.
(Even if the efforts to make it as faithful as possible are applied).

"Poppy" also wants to be present at events: trade fairs,

conventions and even weekly markets,
It is therefore counting on your understanding,

because during such occasions, the site can be accompanied

by an "out of stock", but be aware that there will always be new colletions which will arrive.

"Poppy" also reserves the right to refuse customizations that it may deem too complex, to open and close customization periods if its schedule allows it.

Also note that the graphic design (photos), the creation and management of the site and finally the commercial management (customer service included) of DAWN WAND is also made by him.

Finally, it is essential that you know how important it is for her to transmit her love for nature through her creations.


Dear wizard friends, do not hesitate to take your broom

and take off towards Instagram and Facebook:

You can find current events there as well as the dates

and locations of the conventions.


Each of you in the DAWN WAND community is

a gift and DAWN WAND thanks you for your contribution to the advancement of this wonderful story


Magically and Spiritually,


DAWN WAND by Poppy



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